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A piece of art indeed carries a lot of serenity and positive energy. It has that command over the subtle of life like love, soft touch, thoughtfulness, rationality, and the calm of mind. These visually emotional venting in the form of art pieces and festive decorative is capable of transforming any space for display or personal use.

Our Purpose: Store Utsav looks at the immensely creative & eco-friendly traditional Indian motifs to render exceptional artifacts for gracing your home, office, studio, school, a recreational center, an auditorium, or a hotel. The store attempts to highlight that our folk art is not a mere craft tradition, but a repository of India’s rich cultural heritage. Through our endeavors and your appreciation for art, we aim to help these economically weak artists and retain these 'rare' art forms. A part of our earnings will go for their welfare. 

Our Offerings: We bring to you traditional Indian handicrafts prepared by the very talented artists in villages & small towns. We have graded the products as per the occasions of use, their functionality, and the states they are from. Each regional handicraft piece is handmade and takes days & months to finish. Keeping in the primary essence of our store, we are grading them here primarily as per the states followed by their functions. Some of the most popular Store Utsav exhibits include but are surely not limited to the following broad categories:   

The Traditional Indian Art Forms
  • Andhra Pradesh Art Forms: Belonging to South East India, Andhra Pradesh offers a huge spectrum of art & crafts, such as Durgi & Bidri works, Kalamkari paintings, Indian Batik, and the very famous leather puppets called TholuBommalata
  • Karnataka Art Forms: Sandalwood works, ivory works, wooden toys, and globally famous Mysore Painting. Mysore Painting was our beginning point of this South West Indian state. 
  • Madhya Pradesh Art Forms: With the largest forest cover, Madhya Pradesh houses several legacies, of which the tribal life is simply a source of ecstasy. Handloom & textile, block printing, stuffed toys, bamboo & cane works, jute work, wood, iron, stone, metal, & terracotta crafts, folk/tribal paintings like Bheel & Gond, ornaments, papier mache crafts, and dolls are just some of the handmade splendors of this region. The Store Utsav range began exploring this region with its most reputed Gond Painting. Now, we are simply adding on this region's art forms. There is just no looking back.
  • Manipuri Art Forms: This Northeast Indian state offers wood carvings, cane & bamboo works, block printing, and colored natural flowers. 
  • Meghalaya Art Forms: Another Northeast Indian state, Meghalaya is into weaving, wood carvings, wood works, wall hangings, and fine Bamboo & cane work, the signature craft of this region. We have for you some really authentic and interesting bamboo & canepieces.
  • Oriya Art Forms: Odisha, a Southeast Indian state is astoundingly rich & intelligent in its art forms. Very famous for Pipli (appliqué work), PapierMache works, Palm Leaf Painting, Pothichitras, sand art, and the iconic Pattachitra are some mind numbing, highly elaborate manual art forms done very meticulously. Our Oriya offerings are some really selective & rare pieces of art.
  • Rajasthani Art Forms: Gracing the Northwest India, Rajasthan was the land of Royal Rajputs. Imparting identity to the Indian handicrafts, the vibrant colors & myriad art forms of Rajasthan completes the definition of ethnic handicrafts. Wood, Stone, & Metal Crafts, Bone Inlay works, Gem Stone Painting, Shekhawati Painting, Meenakari work, White Wood Painting, Bandhani (Tie & Dye), Pottery, Puppets, the range is simply ecstatic. Store Utsav started humbly with the White Wood Painting and now continues to bring much more of the creatively fertility of Rajasthan. Terracotta crafts, lac hangings, gota patti works, etc. are some of those gems.
  • Tripura Art Forms: This Northeast Indian state is known mainly for its chikki (fine cane/bamboo mesh) work. Wood, cane, & bamboo are metamorphosed into different forms such as furniture, partition, wall pieces, mats, lampshades, etc. We bring to you the leather appliqué work over fine cane mesh & fine hay craft.
  • Uttarakhand Art Forms: A region thriving on farming, tourism, and pilgrimage, Uttrakhand has some interesting art forms derived from the ancient Royal and today's rural background of the people here. Its diverse & rich painting forms, like Pahari Kalam, Garhwal, Aipens, Peeth, Wall, clay idols, metal works, woollen works, wax works, cloth recycling crafts, ornaments, and wood carving, Uttarakhand is just immense in its artistry. Store Utsav began its range with the sling pouch bags belonging to the cloth recycling craft of the region.
  • Uttar Pradesh Art Forms: Famous for its enamoring brass & copper crafts, Chikankari, Zari-Zardozi, Carpets, Handprinting, Clay Craft, Pottery, Wood Works, Inlay Works, Lac Crafts, and much more, Uttar Pradesh, a North Indian state has been home to the Royal families of Mughals & Nawabs. Store Utsav brings that royalty to you through its Brass Works, Lac Crafts, & amazingly beautiful range of Metal & Glass works.
  • West Bengal Art Forms: Alpana, Dhokra, Jute Crafts, Kalighat Paintings, Kantha Paintings, masks, pottery, leather crafts, wood & sandalwood crafts are some main creative forms of West Bengal, an Eastern state of India. We started with embossed leather crafts graduating soon to the newer artistic levels of this culturally & creatively rich land.
Utility Based Collection
  •  Kids Supplies: Fancy stickers, sharpeners, decals, stationery kits, pencil boxes, attractive pencils, piggy banks, candles, etc., we just cannot leave out our little munchkins. Store Utsav celebrates their essence as well through its kids dedicated product line.
  • Pooja Supplies: Pooja & festivity surround every Hindu event. To match up to the occasional fervor, Store Utsav brings a wide range of Pooja Supplies, like diyas, incense sticks sets, deities' clothes, metal stands/holders, Pooja books & diaries, etc.   
Festive Range
  • Diwali: Celebrate the most luxurious of our festivals with Store Utsav diyas, candles, rangolis, pooja supplies, aarti thalis, bandanwars, door hangings, murals, etc.  
  • Rakshabandhan: Designer, fancy, simple, mauli, kids, lumba, we bring every possible range of Rakhis to celebrate this pure festival of protective love. We even build attractive packages to make those moments special for you, even if you are far away. You just place your order and we deliver your Rakhi to your brother. 
  • Wedding Supplies: Designer platters, pagaris, varmalas, Aarti Diyas, imitation jewelery, engagement platters, and so much more, we try to bring as much as possible for the really fat & vast Hindu wedding.
Social Responsiblity
  • Strengthening the Weak: Not only the rural artists, Store Utsav is determined to bring up the artistry of anybody skilled, but not getting the creative justice or needs more encouragement. We began on this front with a very interesting CD diary made by a 'special' child of 14 years and now continue to cruise ahead.  
This list includes our status as per August 30, 2013. We have tried to begin with the most famous handicrafts from different regions. We shall continue to diversify our offerings. Please keep checking our site for more.

Store Utsav is a sincere effort to prevent the 'lesser known' indigenous art forms and the declining festive fervor from fading into the realms of the oblivion. The associated artists have learned all this from their ancestors and thankfully, are striving to keep it alive. These handcrafted products display a mesmerizing blend of creativity and imagination. Lets come together to keep these creative delights intact. Lets not stop enjoying life & gracing it with the visual delights art & festivals offer. Just unveil our enticing products, splurge a bit, and give your space an exclusive look that celebrates art. Happy shopping!


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