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Mythical Flavors from the Past - An exhibition on Tea Stain Painting

Exhibition: Mythical Flavours From The Past
Theme: Mythological Creatures from Vedas & Puranas
Medium: Tea Stains Painting on Handmade Paper
Artist: Bipasha Sen Gupta
Audience Age Group: 12+ years
Until: Feb. 01, 2017
Venue: Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
Curator: Amrita Varma
Store Utsav Rating: 5/5

Bipasha Sen Gupta, a Bengali artist, combines varied art forms, like abstract figurative, ornation, doodle, alpana, and folk, to evolve this series unique in more ways than one. The artist 'studied' texts from Vedas & Puranas. Combining the knowledge with her imagination, she evolved her own stunning form of the different Vedic characters like Nandi, Shesh Naag, Kinnar, and so many more. Demonstrating her mental prowess, Bipasha captured these on handmade rice paper with tea stains and liquor imparting classic yellow ocher and burnt sienna shades. The high impact painting looks like a page out straight from the actual Vedas only. The artist has also successfully experimented with different mediums like surgical gloves for Jatayu's amputated wing and clay crafts. The curation and display by Amrita also measures up to be an art in itself. Combined with the energies of 2 bright minds, the space is an experience it itself. We highly recommend a visit to this invigorating exhibition. Store Utsav will continue to explore, popularize, and celebrate art, with you! :) (In the pic: Bipasha Sen Gupta, the artist, looking graceful in a saree, and Rakhi Sinha, Founder & CEO, Store Utsav, India) 

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                                                                   — celebrating Art at Lalit Kala Academy, January 29, 2017


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