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India Launches GSLV MKIII

On June 05, 2017, India successfully launched GSLV Mk III - India's heaviest rocket by Indian Space Reasearch Organization (ISRO). With ISRO coming up aggressively off late, India has ventured into a new business of space launch. The organization has been reporting sequential successful launches and orbit placements of the trickiest space projects.

Store Utsav Diyas Head to Germany

Store Utsav recently worked on a bulk German order of diyas and other clay craft. We are delighted to see the world appreciating the craft of home decorating auspiciously. Originally a mode of lighting on the Hindu festival of lights Diwali, diyas today are used for puja, meditating, housewarming, wedding, and Christmas gifts, and home decorating. Buy Store Utsav Diyas here.  

Sunday Break at Store Utsav

Harappan Gallery at the National Museum

Ancient culture of handmade Store Utsav visitedthe National Museum, New Delhi.Excavated pots, tools, ornaments, crafts, and toys, we bring you the images of the Harappa Gallery. We found this the most exciting of all. Indus Valley Civilisation (3300-1700 BCE) was spread across Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Northwest India. It existed parallel to Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Chinese Civilisations. We strongly recommend anyone in Delhi ever to definitely visit the National Museum.

Donate Clothes to Goonj for Their Recycled Clothes Initiative

Fashion Earrings by Store Utsav Fashion

These colorful earrings are set with synthetic beads and zircon crystals on metal alloy frame. The metal is nickel free to eliminate toxicity for the skin. These youthfully colored dangles are great daily or street wear. Now match up your daily styling with these vibrant pieces. Buy them here.

Store Utsav Fashion at Adaah, A Lifestyle Exhibition

Store Utsav Fashion visited Adaah (style), an ethnicfashion exhibition, held on May 16, 2017 at Radisson Blu, NOIDA. The women fashion centric fashion event displayed a huge and vibrant variety of ethnic clothingjewelrybags, and shoes. Diverse raw materials and designs were admirable. The event was worth visiting for trend spotting and inspiration. Buy Store Utsav Fashion ethnic fashion range here.

Positive Feedback - Store Utsav Diyas Grace An Australian Wedding Customer Michelle Mole from Brisbane, Australia, ordered our diyas for the most important event of her life, her wedding. Rakhi, Founder #StoreUtsav, wrote a personal note (image 2) for the couple in a complimentary best wishes handmade card of camel dung (image 1) made under the aegis of Rajasthan Govt. The customer expresses her delight as follows. :) Image 3 & 4 were the original product listings. "Highly recommend purchasing from Store Utsav. Rakhi won't hesitate to look after you and the products you purchase. Products arrived on time and in perfect condition, exactly as the images advertised. Rakhi corresponds promptly to all enquiries, which is very helpful purchasing unseen items. Very happy with my #diyas, they will shine brightly at our wedding. I look forward to purchasing again in the future from Rakhi and store Utsav. Thank you team." She even sent Rakhi a personal note:
"I have received the diyas and just want to say how thankful …

Coconut Shell Earrings from West Bengal in East India by Store Utsav Fashion

Wall Decor Door Decor by Store Utsav

Home decor range by Store Utsav extends to include wall and door hangings. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, these decor items bring varied craft forms to your space. Handmade beads, hand stitched grass, hand painted wood, embroidered fabric, five metal alloy craft, our creative darts are limitless. Needless to add, these small, meticulously made decor items are a result of intense hard work. Gift these as housewarming souvenirs or hang them auspiciously in your cute little corner, they sure are things of joy. Buy them here. 

Copper Jhumki by Store Utsav Fashion

Store Utsav Fashion's copper jhumkis are set on oxidized and engraved copper metal with a golden finish. The work makes these earrings a legacy to have. The subtle handmade glass beads suspended from the base impart a very 'traditiono-modern' look to the jewelry that goes very well on all occasions. Available in youthful colors, this jhumki collection adds to your vibrance.
These stunning earrings are authentic, handmade jewelry work of Rajasthani meenakar, a member of my shop. We have tried to bring this very tricky to achieve jewelry making art to you. Own it, flaunt it, feel connected to the Rajasthani Regality! Buy them here.

Fabric Lantern from Odisha in South East India by Store Utsav presents hand embroideredorganic cottonlanterns from Odisha in South East India. Practiced by rural artists, these lanterns are a result of elaborate effort and time. To make these, cotton fabric is soaked in water overnight to allow it to shrink. Then dried and ironed. As per the design, shapes of lanterns are cut out. Round or poygonal iron wire frames are used to set the fabric on them. This gives them the defined shape. Once set, mirror and embroidery work are done on them. Its a very tricky job to embroider after the fabric has been set on the frame, but thats the only way the folk artists are confident of the design falling in place as needed. Once set, final piping, tufts, and laces are put in place along with putting a hanging loop at the top. The lanterns are ready to grace your space. 

Hang them over a bulb or just as a door hanger, the colorful delights will accentuate your space and will lift your mood. Bring this classicethnicfolktale to your home or gi…'s limited edition Kurtas have exemplary folk and contemporary styling to measure up to your persona. With these handcrafted stunning kurtas, 'you' become a fashion statement! The detailing makes them a masterpiece. A great edition to your occasional wardrobe.

Wall Pegs by Store Utsav

Pure Cotton Kurtas by Store Utsav Fashion

Laser Cut Wooden Hoardings, Name Plates, Book Ends, & Magnets by Store Utsav

Merino Wool Wraps by Store Utsav for Bulk Export and Retail

Store Utsav Fashion, the fashion label of Store Utsav brings pure organic hand loomed Merni Wool Wraps & Mufflers from Uttarakhand in North India. The very high quality sheared merino wool is washed, dried, processed in our Uttarakhand facility. Yarns are then made our of them, which are then dyed and dried again. The yarns are finally set on hand looms and the artisans churn out the wraps as per the design we give them. We wholesale and retail export these Merino Wool wraps. For trade inquiry, mail us here. Buy them here.

Store Utsav's Wedding & Corporate Gifts

Store Utsav brings its gold and silver plated products range for a luxury wedding or corporate gifting. This royal meta craft from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, North India, copper or iron bases are taken. They are then engraved manually or an electric engraver. After that the utensils are gold or silver plated. They are available in a wide assortment. Coming in velvet boxes with internal lining of satin, these glittery and regal products sure stand out. These pieces make for an ideal statement of your fine, eclectic taste. We ship globally, including in India. For business inquiry mail us here.

Golden Grass Craft of Odisha in South East India

Found in hot region and in hot weather, golden grass is a strong (durable) straw type, which is effectively used to make craft in Odisha and Bihar states of East India. Made entirely from hand, the grass is cut, washed, and dried well in the sun. If needed some of them are soaked in multiple colors for a dyed impact. They are then dried and are hand woven to make different utility based crafts. Store Utsav too brings in some variety the Oriya artist of our shop made. You can buy them here.

Store Utsav at BNI NOIDA Criss-Cross Lets Meet April 2017 Conclave

Rakhi Sinha, Founder & CEO, Store Utsav attended BNI India NOIDA chapter conference, Criss Cross Lets Meet, held on April 30, 2017 at Radisson Blu MBD, Sector-18, NOIDA. The conclave was a collection of professionals from different industries with some potential influencers inspiring people with their stories. The event was a fertile opportunity for business networking as well.

International Earth Day - April 22!

Save earth. Do not cut trees. Plant more. Preserve the rivers & mountains and keep them clean! No one lives if earth dies! We at Store Utsav have pledged ourselves to environment conservation in whatever way possible. Even our products are all environment and skin friendly. 

Yes - Buy & Celebrate Art!

Charcoal Sketching on a Creative Sunday at Hauz Khas, New Delhi

#fun#sunday Organized by Aarti Uppal Singla of TAEP at #thebigsandwich#hauzkhas . We #sketched on printed sheets, like #oldbooks and #newspaper . The theme could be imaginative to still life to life sketching. So, the Uniball black ink pens and charcoals were the favorite. Of course a nice #cafe#friends and#coffee were the awesome value adds! :)

Indian Fabric Diversity

We connect 'this' far and wide to find artists to bring you authentic Folk & Traditional Art & Crafts from the different regions of India! :) (Image Courtesy: Google Images). The image above entails the Indian fabric types, how they look, and where they are made. All these fabrics are made of pure raw material like silk, wool and are handwoven or hand loomed.

Breast Installation Art at London

The installation tries to flout the mindset finding breast feeding 'disgusting.' Store Utsav celebrates nature and human spirits & emotions in all their forms. We salute motherhood and all the beautiful processes about it. The biggest pleasures of life, like motherhood, should be loved unconditionally. Here is the news coverage:

Fitness Sunday for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Capital City witnessed a #fitness Sunday at 'Healthy Interaction' event Organized by Smile Studio (a multi specialty clinic), GK-1, New Delhi, India. The innovative #healthcamp facilitated interaction with the elite band of all its #medical specialists: #orthodontist Dr. Ekta Chadha (owner - Smile Studio), #cardiologistDr.Rajneesh Jain#physiotherapist Dr. Ridwana Sanam#dieticianKavita Devgan, and #naturalbeautyexpertSuparna Trikha. The experts impressed when they went extra mile and even extended free consultation & wrote prescriptions to the visitors. 


NY Lady Drinks Launch Party 2017

Save Water!

Conserve natural resources. Wastage is suicidal and suicide is never a good strategy!

The Vibrance of Holi 2017

Holi Puja (a Bonfire) preparations on. Our artist Akanksha introduced us to it. Handmade Cow dung cakes are broken in 4 parts. Each part is grilled in the Center to make a hole. A rope is passed through 5 (an auspicious number in Hinduism) such pieces to make 2 garlands as shown in tile 6. Thry are kept in a large mixing dish for burning later. A rangoli (a Colorful geometrical formation with dry Colors) is made around the dish as shown.

Happy Women's Day!

India Handicrafts & Gifts Fair (IHGF) 2017, Greater NOIDA

The Incredible NorthEast India!

The incredible Northeast India and its handmade stunners. Store Utsav's upcoming range soon will bring more such handcrafted delights straight from traditional Northeast artists, including the tribal ones. Stay tuned and encourage & Celebrate Art!

Happy Basant Panchmi and Saraswati Puja by Store Utsav

Basant Panchmi and Saraswati (Goddess of academics) Puja wishes from Store Utsav! :)

Basant is a Hindi (Indian language) word meaning Spring. The festival marks the end of winters and the onset of spring in India and is identified with the Color of fertility, yellow. (Posted for Feb. 01)

India Post - Store Utsav's official Logistics Partner

India Post gifted this calendar for Store Utsav's office for its work, in a B2B event, Logistics 2017, organized by Confederation of Indian Industry, CII. So, here it hangs at its destination. Any recognition is valuable and encouraging for us. :) Thanks India Post for an unfailing support. You are a vital pillar of our business!

Mythical Flavors from the Past - An exhibition on Tea Stain Painting

Exhibition: Mythical Flavours From The Past
Theme: Mythological Creatures from Vedas & Puranas
Medium: Tea Stains Painting on Handmade Paper
Artist: Bipasha Sen Gupta
Audience Age Group: 12+ years
Until: Feb. 01, 2017
Venue: Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
Curator: Amrita Varma
Store Utsav Rating: 5/5

Bipasha Sen Gupta, a Bengali artist, combines varied art forms, like abstract figurative, ornation, doodle, alpana, and folk, to evolve this series unique in more ways than one. The artist 'studied' texts from Vedas & Puranas. Combining the knowledge with her imagination, she evolved her own stunning form of the different Vedic characters like Nandi, Shesh Naag, Kinnar, and so many more. Demonstrating her mental prowess, Bipasha captured these on handmade rice paper with tea stains and liquor imparting classic yellow ocher and burnt sienna shades. The high impact painting looks like a page out straight from the actual Vedas only. The artist has also successfully experimented with di…