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Kantha - A West Bengal Embroidery Art Form

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The East Indian state of West Bengal is known for its rich culture and a varied plethora of folk art. Kantha, a running embroidery style is one of the most popular Indian folk art forms. The rural women of West Bengal hugely practice it to make Kantha saris among several other items of daily use and decor. This domestic art form has now achieved a special place in the field of art and craft.
The Origin of Kantha Kantha proudly boasts of centuries old origin. Kantha earned mention in a book called Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita by Krishnadas Kaviraj. The book ages back to over five hundred years. Over time, this art form has evolved to strengthen its place in the lives of Bengalis and spread its appeal globally.
The Hub of Kantha This innate craft is widely practiced in Bolpur and Shantiniketan situated 180 kilometers north of the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata. Kantha has slowly become a robust medium of earning for the natives of this region.
The Theme …

Chandua - The Traditional Applique Work of Pipili in Odisha

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If you ever go to Bhubaneswar (capital of the Indian state of Odisha), do make it a point to drop at Pipili, also known as Pipli. Located 36kms from Puri and 20 kms from Bhubaneswar, this small picturesque village is situated on the main road connecting Puri to Bhubaneswar. The region is known for its stunning applique work called Chandua. Almost every family of the town is engaged in the Pipli craft and earns its living through it. The applique work technique of cutting the fabrics and stitching onto the bigger ones is standard. The Pipili distinction involves embroidering and mirror work to form the designs on Chandua. Its historical origin and the elaborate way of projecting the religion, tradition, & the customs of Odisha impart Chandua a touch of rich Indian legacy.
The creative glory of Pipili goes back to 1054 in the 12th century. The then king of Puri, Maharaja Birakshore appointed local tailors called Darji to supply s…