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Art and Craft From Ladakh and Leh in India

Leh is the second largest Indian district area wise. It is situated in Ladakh, one of the three regions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In the early days, Leh used to be a stopover on the trade route between India and China. Most of the city is about mountains and lakes. Its climate is like that of a cold desert with the extreme winter season between October and March. The main tourist attraction in Leh is Trekking and the historical palaces, the Japanese and the Tibetans built.
Art and Craft of Leh
Most of the Ladakhi artifacts were imported from other places. The whole region adopted them as a part of its culture. Here are some most popular handicrafts of Ladakh and Leh.
Metal Crafts
In the early seventeenth century, some metal artisans were brought in from Nepal to construct a large Buddhist Temple in Leh. Since then, most of them stayed back. Their descendants continue to live and make metal artifacts here. They use silver, copper, and brass to carve out exquisite p…

Madhubani or Mithila Painting from Bihar in East India by Store Utsav

Store Utsav's Madhubani Painting - Wedding Varmala Scene
The 100% eco-friendly art form Madhubani or Mithila Painting of Bihar (Eastern Indian state) belongs to the Madhubani District in the Mithila region. Different objects (twigs, brushes, fingers, & matchsticks) from the daily life are used to color the patterns. The hues used are 100% organic dyes, inks, & pigments. Done originally on the freshly coated mud walls or floors, this art form has made its way to our living spaces on handmade paper, cloth, paper mache articles. The themes mostly covered are special life events, such as wedding, the birth of a child, festive celebration, forest scene, etc, and geometrical patterns. Store Utsav's Madhubani Paintings have been prepared with the traditional methods by authentic artists from Madhubani.
The History of Madhubani Madhubani Painting is believed to have originated in the age of Ramayana. Sita, the daughter of Mithila King Janak, was to be wedded to Lor…

Warli Paintings: The Incredible and Expressive Tribal Art

India has a fertile background of painting. Right from tribal to rural to urban manifestations, it has achieved magnificence in all forms. One such style is the Warli Painting, which has a distinguished tangent. Belonging to the Warli tribes of Maharashtra-Gujarat border region, this painting style is amazingly simple and well touches the artistic aesthetics. With tribes adopting some degree of civilized lifestyle, Warli is often termed as folk painting as well. Its themes also alter accordingly.
History of Warli Paintings There are no authentic records endorsing the origin of this great folk art, but experts date it back to at least 10th century. Interestingly enough, this art form stayed hidden until the 1970's, when a few enthusiastic and passionate art lovers discovered it. Living predominantly in the Thane district of Maharashtra, the tribe, through its paintings, highlights intensely close association with the lifestyle and the people in their community.
Themes an…